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Angelic Ministries


Angelic Ministries is a local non-profit organization seeking to assist those in need with a variety of items.  Providing individuals and families with food, clothing, and additional items at no cost.  This is a great and Christ-centered resource for the Knoxville area.


December 17, 2022

Meeting at the church at 9:45, NABC will be providing a  Christmas party complete with Santa giving gifts.  Included with the party will be a free luncheon, gifts, and live music. 

If you would be interested in assisting us with this great ministry, please contact us with the button below.

Your Help

Will are collecting items for the gifts. We will be giving each attendee a gift and stocking. Our goal is to buy apples and oranges for stockings, chocolates, gloves and anything else that may be helpful.  If you would like to donate, please contact us with the button below.

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